Hi-Macs® Worktops

LG Hi-Macs worktops provide all the benefits of stone worktops, such as granite, marble, quartz and so on – however being blended with acrylic, it produces a countertop that is totally hygienic (unlike pure, natural stone) – and which is completely non-porous. Therefore, it does not harbour germs and bacteria, it won’t stain, and it requires virtually no maintenance.


An Introduction to Hi-Macs® Solid Surface

Hi Macs was only produced after over six years of intensive research by some of the world’s most talented experts, who finally arrived at the “holy grail” of work surfaces. Not only does Hi Macs grace thousands upon thousands of kitchens worldwide, it is also used in bars, restaurants, hospitals, laboratories, airport check-in desks, and many other situations where a material is required that is totally hygienic, durable, and at the same time beautiful to look at.

Since the material can be formed into literally any shape that you wish, it can perform any function that you wish, not just kitchen or bathroom work tops. You could make ultra-modern chairs from it, a complete bar (the whole thing, not just the top surface), a hotel reception desk, wall cladding, a shop counter, or any one of thousands of other objects. In short, if you can imagine it, Hi Macs can produce it.


Hi-Macs® as a Kitchen Work Surface

When used as a kitchen worktop, Hi Macs can be produced with a great variety of edges, such as bull-nosed, shark-nosed, waterfall effect, single bevel, single ovolo, single round, double round, single Spanish, square, and many others.

Used as draining boards, Hi Macs can have straight grooves, angled grooves, or tapered grooves as you wish. Cut outs will make place for a sink, or to accommodate power points in walls when the material is used as a splash back.

Creative designers can use Hi Macs to produce sinks and bowls in a huge variety of different shapes and sizes. Sinks can be single or double, bowls and wash basins for the bathroom can be any shape and size that you wish.


Hygienic Qualities of Hi-Macs®

A Hi Macs worktop is totally non-porous, so is utterly hygienic. No bacteria or moulds can possibly grow on the surface, or in the joins, since – while there may well be joins – you can never see them. The whole series of sections becomes, in effect, one piece.

As for heat resistance, Hi Macs countertops perform as well, if not better, than any other worktop on the market. In common with all worktops, it is not a great idea to put scalding hot pans straight from the cooker or oven down on the surface. You should always use a trivet with rubber feet.

However, Hi Macs is very comfortable up close and personal with your cooker, which means that you can use it all round the top of the stove and as a splash back behind it. Hot fat splashes won’t harm it; simply wipe them off with a damp cloth.


Hi-Macs® Worktops and Resistance to Staining

You can also spill pretty much anything you like onto a Hi Macs worktop, without any worry of it staining the surface. Things that would certainly cause damage to other materials, such as quartz, marble, granite, and more, won’t harm it. These include things like butter, lemon juice, vinegar, red wine, coffee, mustard, and so on, that can simply be wiped off with a damp cloth. Even if you leave them there for a day or more, you won’t have a problem. If you spill something like egg, or cheese sauce, and leave it, then that will dry and harden, but a little bit of washing up liquid and warm water will clean it off.

What about cuts and scratches? This is largely a matter of common sense. If you us Hi Macs as a chopping board and keep sharp kitchen knives hitting the surface, then it is possible that you will cut or scratch it. As with any material, you should use a chopping board to cut up vegetables, meat and so on.

This is as much for the benefit of your knives as for the work top. While it is possible to damage the surface, you will do at least as much damage – if not more – to your knife blades.

You can buy chopping boards in a variety of materials, including tempered glass, but by far the kindest thing to use as regards your knife blades, is a wooden chopping board. Certainly, it will suffer cuts and scratches over the years, but it will not damage the edge of your knife blades anywhere near as much as a tempered glass board, or Hi Macs itself.

If, by chance you should cut or scratch your Hi Macs work top you can simply sand it down. The colour goes all the way through the material, so you will never be able to see that it has been damaged.


Hi-Macs® Colour Range

Hi Macs worktops come in a the wide range of colours and styles. There are over 100 colours available, including solid, granite effects, the Galaxy series with a translucent mother-of-pearl effect, sand and pearl, quartz effects, marble effects, and many, many more. Whatever your kitchen décor, you will find something in the Hi Macs range that will complement it perfectly.


Hi-Macs® Supply & Installation

Our staff are happy to deal with any questions you may have that relate to our products and services. Free samples can be sent to your address on request (by completing this form) and Hi-Macs worktop quotations can be supplied using our online form or by telephone.